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Fleet Telematics Reports

Our main aim with reporting is to make your decision making and insights provision from our tracking platform as easy and timely as possible. This is achieved by our different types of reports which aggregate the important aspects of the data that our system receives from various sources and generates a report that is an informative summary of the data.

Our platform helps you achieve your reporting goals by providing you with the following types of reports

Activity Reports

Our activity reports provides you quick insights wth regard to tracking your vehicle's activities over a period of time. There are different ways that you can get a review of what your vehicles has been up to over a specified duration

Activity Playback

With this approach our platform lets you specify a duration and then draws you the whole route that your asset took over that duration and then goes ahead to replay the assets events over that route. You can vary the speed of the play back to save you time as well as jump to specific times of interest like when an over speed was reported or a fuel siphoning happened.

Our play back places the alarms that were raised on the play back path to make it easy for you to track when and where a certain event occurred.

Playback With Alarms: A screenshot of a playback for an asset for a whole day with alarm icons placed on the map. You can choose to hide or show the alarm icons and you can click on an alarm icon to get more details about the alarm.

Activity Summary Report

To make the process of vehicles activity reporting easier and faster, we also have the activity summary reports. This is a report that shows you all the addresses that your vehicle moved between for a specified duration. This allows you to view quickly where your vehicle has been. If any entry in this report seems suspicious or requires more digging into, you can simply click on a row on the report to view the actual play back report for that entry.

Start Time Start Address Reach Time Reach Address Distance(KM) Driving Time Avg Speed (KM/h) Max Speed (KM/h)
09:33:22 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 09:37:40 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 0.011 4m,18s 0.15 4
09:48:57 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 10:04:58 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 6.694 16m,1s 25.08 84
11:58:12 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 12:39:30 Magadi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 25.773 41m,18s 37.44 91
16:10:01 Magadi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 16:37:20 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 21.906 27m,19s 48.12 88
16:43:57 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 16:57:43 Ngumba Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 10.431 13m,46s 45.46 99
17:05:47 Ngumba Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 17:07:34 Kimsa House, Githurai, Kenya 0.102 1m,47s 3.43 11
17:44:37 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 17:48:09 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 1.241 3m,32s 21.07 70
17:52:50 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 18:02:47 Manchester House, Githurai, Kenya 2.884 9m,57s 17.39 57
18:03:30 Manchester House, Githurai, Kenya 18:14:51 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 8.576 11m,21s 45.34 93
19:49:01 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 19:50:32 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 0.025 1m,31s 0.99 18
19:55:03 Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 20:17:03 123 Kamiti Rd, Githurai, Kenya 7.141 22m 19.48 89
TOTAL 84.784

Sample Activity Summary Report: A sample of an actual summary activity report generated on our platform. Clicking on a row on the table plays back the activity on the map on our platform for your asset.

Fuel Reports

Fuel is the main cost for any transport oriented business. It's also the cause of many undetected/unrecorded losses to many transport companies taking the form of fuel theft through siphoning as well as collaborative efforts between drivers and fuel station attendants to actually fuel less than paid for and shares the extra money with the drivers. This is the main reason why we take fuel tracking very seriously and our main aim is to ensure that such losses are mitigated at all costs.

We use a combination of high sensitivity fuel tracking hardware couples with an intelligent tracking solution to ensure that all your fuel is accounted for to the last litre. With our solution, you will have complete information with regard to fueling, siphoning and consumption.

With our fuel tracking solution, you get very reliable fuel tracking even for assets going outside Kenya at no extra cost by making use of our custom made tracking units that store data for up to one month when your vehicle is outside Kenya. Once your vehicle comes back to Kenya, all this data which contains fuel information is all submitted to our platform and all the fuel related events that occured are reported and accouted for. With this you can have peace of mind with regard to your trucks getting refuled outside your country of operation.

Service Hours Reports

Excavators, cranes, shovels and many other heavy machinery are often charged based on the number of hours spent doing actual work on a client site. Providing information about when your machinery started working, when it's engine was started as well as when it the engine was stopped ot he work was stopped is very valuable.

Our service hours reports provide you with real time notifications with your vehilces GPS location for when the engine is started as well as when the Power Take Off (PTO) is engaged with engine running which is actually the actual time that your machine started working for the client. This is also reflected on the service hours reports which show you all the relevant durations and totals for all these values for a day or any duration of your choice.

Below is a sample service hours report for an excavator

Engine Start Work Start Work End Engine Stop Engine Duration Work Duration Distance (KM)
30-09-2016 07:55:40 - - 30-09-2016 08:00:54 5m,14s - 0
30-09-2016 08:45:54 30-09-2016 08:45:54 30-09-2016 15:09:43 30-09-2016 15:09:43 6h,23m,49s 6h,23m,49s 0
30-09-2016 15:09:44 - - 30-09-2016 15:09:53 9s - 0
30-09-2016 15:10:20 30-09-2016 15:10:20 30-09-2016 15:11:18 30-09-2016 15:11:18 57s 57s 0
30-09-2016 15:11:19 - - 30-09-2016 16:04:36 53m,17s - 10.523
30-09-2016 16:04:44 - - 30-09-2016 17:01:19 56m,34s - 11.83
01-10-2016 07:58:28 - - 01-10-2016 08:05:37 7m,8s - 0
01-10-2016 08:36:03 - - 01-10-2016 09:42:29 1h,6m,25s - 16.466
01-10-2016 11:00:37 - - 01-10-2016 11:00:59 22s - 0
TOTAL 9h,33m,59s 6h,24m,46s 38.819

On the service hours tracking report for your vehicle/earth-mover/crane, you can view entries that involved movement, by looking at entires that have a value grator than zero on the distance column. You can click on such an entry to view playback for your vehicle/earth-mover/crane during such durations and the playback will show you any service power (PTO) connection events that happened during the mobilization. This helps to curb scrupulous drivers who pick up quick tasks on their way to a site and pocket the work money which translates to losses for your company.

Dumpings Reporting for Dumping Trucks/Tipper Trucks

If you have tipper trucks that do dumping works paid by the number of dumpings done, our dumping reports will tell you how many dumpings your asset has performed. Our system is capable of handling complex cases where vehicles perform multiple dumps of the same load at several places. This is usually the case for road construction tippers which have to perform multiple dumpings for each loading.

Trips Sites Reports

With our vehicle trips reports, you can easily tell how many trips your vehicle has done for a given route. This is useful for Matatu GPS tracking where you provide us with a route and our tech suport team will set up the trip reports for your vehicle. The reports also show you how long your assets wait at passenger bays which can help you make decisions about which passengers bays give the best turnaround time for the amount of money earned from ferrying passengers from the bay. This can be very helpful in maximizing the profits generated by your matatu.

Trip reports are also very useful for companies that have multiple work sites and would like to know about management and sites visit by their management staff. With our tracking platform, you can easily define the sites of interest as geofences and our system will generate trips reports which will show you which site has been visited and how many times the site has been visited for a specified duration. With this information, you can easily tell which sites are undervisited and take the necessary steps to fis this. The report will also show you the duration of the visits which can give a lot of insights about which sites tend to take most of your site supervisors time.

Photo Reports

Ifuate goes the extra miles to provide you with support for photos which gives you the virtual presense that comes with photos. With our photograph enabled tracking units you can add multiple photos to your asset and set when you want photos taken from each of the cameras. You can set the photos to be taken when the assets door are opened and you can specify repeat intervals that the photos shoud be taken with as longas the door is still opened. This is very useful for companies which do deliveries and it can help a lot in monitoring how fast your delivery staff is doing the deliveries and also avoid ferrying of unauthorized cargo.

Temperature Reports

Driver Reports

Alarm Reports

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