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Who should I pay for my Ifuate products Installation?
All payments MUST be done using our online payment methods. We have a range of payment methods that should support all types of payments needs. Make sure you receive payments notification as soon as you have made your payments. Please do not pay cash to our installers all cash payments must be done at our offices.
Where can I get my vehicle installed with Ifuate GPS tracker?
You can visit our Nairobi, office for installation any day from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 4PM. Any assets availed after 4PM will have to be rescheduled for another day.
How do I ensure my vehicle has been installed with Ifuate GPS tracker?
Once your vehicle has been installed with the Ifuate GPS tracker device, you will be able to see it immediately on our Ifuate tracking platform. Also always take your asset for a short ride and then view the play back to make sure that the device is really connected to our platform. On top of that, log in to our platform from your mobile device and try to remote enable/disable the engine using your phone. If your asset is connected to our platform, all this should work properly.
I can't see a garage anywhere close to me, what can I do?
We are constantly increasing our reach to customers by setting up new garages in different locations within Kenya where customers can get their vehicles installed with GPS trackers.
Who has access to my vehicles location
You need to create an account with Ifuate to pay and/or install a tracking device on your vehicle. All your assets will be added to this account. Only you have access to this asset and only you can allow other people to view the location of your asset. To allow other people to view and perform actions on your asset, you will be required to create groups and add the people you want to give access to your vehicle to this group and then assign the relevant permissions to this group. For information about your privacy please see our privacy policy
Can I track my vehicles when Im outside Kenya
With Ifuate web tracking platform, you will be able to track your assets no only in Kenya but from anywhere on the world. All you need to have is access to internet and Ifuate website.
Is there a renewal fee
There is no renewal for GPS tracking with Ifuate. You pay only once when the device is fitted into your asset and optionally, you can pay monthly fees if you want your device to communicate with our platform. Please not that this is not a charge for using our web platform but its used to pay for the data that the GPS tracking device uses to communicate with our server. If you do not want to link your device with our server (highly not recommended taking into account how pocket friendly our monthly charges are and the features you get out of using it), then you dont need to make any monthly payments
What If my vehicle goes outside Kenya
We have optimized our data charges for GPS/Vehicle tracking for Kenya. If your vehicle goes outside Kenya, you will charged with the data roaming rates and you might have to pay an extra fee for this.
Is there a warranty
Yes, all Ifuate GPS trackers have a warranty of 1 year. If your device malfunctions within this time since installation and the damage is not due to physical damage done to the device after installation, then we will repair or replace your device for free. Please note that the GPS tracking device is not water proof. We do our best to ensure that the GPS tracking device is kept away from water as much as possible. Its your responsibility to make sure that the GPS tracking device is not submerged into water.
Can I connect my exisiting GPS tracking device to Ifuate Platform
Ifuate GPS tracking platform supports a range of devices. Please check with us if your tracking device can be connected to our tracking platform. Please not that a conection fee of KES 2000 will apply for this connection. Devices connected to our tracking platform using this method are void of warranty.
Do you give installation certificates
Yes, we do give installation certificates for an extra fee of KES 200. If you did not receive an installation certificate during your installation you can come for one any time or for a new one for the same cost of KES 200
How does Ifuate assist when my asset is stolen
At Ifuate we do use a preventive and timely notification approach when dealing with theft. It is highly recommended that you pay the monthly subscriptions. This way our server uses intelligent technology to detect and notify you immediately a suspicious thing is detected on your vehicle such as the alarm going off, the vehicle overs speeding and above all there is the Ifuate location locking feature. This is how Ifuate location locking works: Immediately after parking your vehicle, go to the Ifuate mobile application or mobile website, and select the "Activate Movement Alarm" action for your vehicle. Our server will then immediately note the location of your vehicle and notify you that the movement alarm has been successfully set. If your asset moves, even if its 5 meters from the location where you parked it, you will be sent a notification to your mobile phone to notify you about this movement. This ensure that you are notified about the suspicious activity immediately it happens. Please note that your vehicle needs to be connected to our Ifuate server for this to work. To increase on security, with Ifuate GPS tracking, we will give you the location of your asset every two seconds. With such a short tracking interval, we are able to give you a very precise location and behavior update for your asset which helps a lot in recovery process.
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You can create asset groups with group members and specify permissions for the members